Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Big El

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I made this painting last year. It started off as a drawing and then turned into a 1 time comic strip and then I turned it into a painting. It's on a 12"x12" canvas, painted with aerosol and paint pens. I made it and received good feedback on it. I really like it because it is a simple cartoon character. Solid lines, flat, minimal in colors, and simple child like characteristics to it. When I first drew it, it took me just a couple of minutes to create. I threw on the eye patch as a way to make it unique. An animal we all know, but with a distinct difference that makes him look a little tough. His name is "Big El", unfortunately when he was younger he was horsing around when a fellow elephants' tusk caught him right in the eye. Some might see him with only one eye and perceive it to be a disability, but he takes no pity. Believing that it makes no difference whether he has one eye or two, it is what's inside his heart that makes him who he is.

I'm flirting with some ideas for writing a children's book that would help teach children to accept everyone no matter what they look like, from skin color to any other physical feature that may be different from theirs. Since I created this character, I have come up with about 10 total characters for which I would like to incorporate into different storylines.

For this first character I have created 10 individual paintings. I might make more if the demand is there. This is the first time doing something like this so I wasn't sure how many I should make. I know some people might ask why not just make 1 master and then get prints made in bulk. That is something I would think about doing if there were a high demand for it, but as of now I take a lot of pride in making each one with a personal and individual touch.

Also, if you are a friend of mine and/or are local to the San Diego area I will give you discounted price.


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