Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Art Here.

I am currently in a contest through H&M on the yourarthere.com website. I found out about it through Facebook and had an unfinished painting that I felt met the theme of the contest. First on my list was to finally finish the painting, one that I had started a few months ago.


Bright Lights. Big Dreams.

The theme of the contest is New York City. My painting, titled “Bright Lights. Big Dreams.” is a young woman in the bottom right hand corner of the canvas looking out toward city lights that are out of focus. Each city light that is out of focus stands for every idea, chance, experience, connection, dream, and even failure that she is yet to experience on her way to finally realizing her dreams. It’s about dreaming it and then setting out to do it. The painting came mostly from a photograph I had taken at night of lights out of focus and a scene in a movie I had watched fairly recently which was set on the east coast. I feel like it fits with the theme because New York is a city where people head to make their dreams come true.

Not to mention, “New York, New York, big city of dreams.” – Tha Dogg Pound

I myself am a big daydreamer and don’t mind dreaming up the ways of finally becoming a good/well known artist. I feel like it gives me motivation and gives me something to strive for. I like setting goals, especially smaller ones that will eventually lead to bigger ones because it produces more results. I have a goal and I believe that those dreams with hard work will help me to eventually get there. I’ve had some good luck so far in the contests I have entered. The GrnAppleTree clothing contest and the Levi’s contest (3,000+ entries) last year really gave me the confidence that I can hold my own with many other artists out there.

This H&M contest has brought out a lot of great artists and their submissions. All I hope right now is to get into the top 10 artworks because those 10 will then go to a jury who will choose the winner. So if you get a chance, make your way to the site and vote by clicking on the number of stars you would like to give my painting.

Here’s to more votes and some luck.


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