Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vlade Divac style.

As I had said before, I am posting more phot's ma'goats (photos) on here as a way to express myself artistically. Not gonna lie, the last 7 words or so of the previous sentence sounded rather douchey. Anyway, here are some more pictures from around town. Enjoy.

Tunnel vision.

Waiting for any of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to pop out.


Who's got next?

This last photo is one I have wanted to capture for some time now. I saw this hoop up a while ago while I was driving down this road in the Downtown/Mission Hills area. It caught my attention because it's in this vacant lot, dirt at that, next to the road, and the backboard is attached to a retaining wall of the side of a hill.

It seems like the oddest place to put a basketball hoop. I'm not really sure what was there, but I guess they liked to play some ball. It's almost like this was the last thing to have survived on this lot. No building or pavement could withstand the toll of time, weather, economic downturn, or business deal gone awry, and yet this lone backboard and hoop still stand.

The reason I really wanted to capture it was because a basketball court was the first thing I ever photographed with my current camera, 6 years ago. First thing I did when I got my camera in the mail was to go to one of the parks near my house. I snapped some pictures of the hoops, backboards, nets, and fence around the basketball court.

There is still this one basketball court that I wish to take pictures of. There is this basketball court I remember from when I was a child that I saw in Mexico. You might wonder, why or what makes it so special? Well, whenever we go to Mexico, we have to take a 2-hour drive from Guadalajara to my grandmothers house in a rural town. On this drive, I remember this one basketball court, which for some reason was in the middle of nowhere. Like, seriously, it was on the side of the road in between towns, on what seemed like the middle of nowhere. The way I remember it, it was perched on the higher ground overlooking over hills of undeveloped land, just plain ol' forest. Seeing it from the car as a child, it almost seemed like this basketball court was sitting on the edge of the world. "The last basketball court."

Since I started taking pictures I have had this idea for a project. This "mythical" or maybe even "mystical" basketball court has something to do with it. Not really sure if I want to elaborate on it, but hopefully one day I can put it together.

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