Thursday, September 17, 2009

Up in the sky?............Up in the sky.

First off, here's something for your listening pleasures while you scroll down. Classic.

So I went out recently to snap some pics around town. What I really wanted to do was go out east and try and capture some thunderstorm clouds up close. Seeing as these t-storms were out in the mountains/desert and I did not want to drive into hell I decided to drive around and see what I could find closer to home.

I like the way clouds look. I think they would be fun to chill on while sippin' on some ginger ale.

This pic would have come out way better if I could have had the angle I wanted to. So I had to settle for this shot from a further distance. If I only had access to a "cherry picker", I think I could have had an amazing photo.

This is another one I really like.

I hope you enjoyed those. I am going to start posting more photos on here of random shots I take around town and what not.

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