Monday, November 16, 2009

art show.

So the art show came and went. It was a lot of fun to be a part of. I got a chance to meet a bunch of people who really liked my paintings and photographs, I even sold a painting. People were also diggin my business cards. The band Four Minutes Til Midnight was awesome. Unfortunately, the lead singer was ill and was unable to sing, but they jammed out and it sounded amazing. I especially enjoyed their version of 'Miserlou'. Along with the band I met a few other businesses that were promoting their products. One of these was Sea of Blossoms Floral Designs. They specialize in weddings and events throughout Southern California and I have to say that they do AMAZING work. I was able to network a good amount and I might even be commissioned for a photography project. I snapped a few photographs of the night and here they are:

wall o'photos
wall o'photos

paintings on the wall.

show of art
mirror mirror.

Four Minutes Til Midnight.


Four Minutes Til Midnight.


There should be more pictures popping up soon so I will update it with them when they become available.

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