Thursday, July 23, 2009

That just happened!!

So I was leaving the public library today, don't ask me why. I just have a lot of time on my hands due to not having a job. Anyway, as I'm leaving I see this little kid outside kickin it by the bike racks. He was a funny looking kid and was semi-mad dogging me so I laughed as I walked past him. Next thing I know, his large mother walks outside to see where he was at. As soon as she sees him out there she starts yelling.

This is what ensued, "What are you doing out here? Haven't I told you not to leave my side. You could have been hit by a car or taken by 'that guy' (pointing at me as I am about 10 feet away from her)."

As soon as I hear that I just kind of stopped in my tracks, stuck my arms out, shook my head, and chuckled while saying to myself, "What the fuck? Seriously?" I continued walking, thinking about whether I should have said something to this woman. This came to mind, "Hey large professor, are you trying to imply that I would kidnap your child?" or "Hey good job keeping an eye on your kid." I actually felt the event was fairly amusing so I wasn't angry. Kudos to you Miss for making me laugh.

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