Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So I guess I should do a little cliff notes version of my life since my last thorough blog on here, which is from January 2008.

- I stopped liking the girl that I had a crush on.
- Started an internship with the International Rescue Committee, which I would go on to enjoy a lot.

- The old crush would end up getting an internship at the same place.
- Oh and she decided to keep taking classes with me and enrolled in another one with me.
- Ironically I met another girl in that class, a beautiful one at that. The irony is that they knew each other from high school.
- I got hit by a car while riding my bike. Not much damage; just bruises, scrapes, and an ambulance ride to the ER.
- Had a first kiss with the beautiful girl.
- Graduated from college.

- Things started falling apart with the beautiful girl.
- Things fell apart with that girl, who would become a bitch.
- Started working as a private investigator.
- Quit that job because it sucked balls.
- I also quit the job that I had been working at for 2 years because of the bullshit raise they gave me.
- Started another job that is still super fun to work at.
- The bitch would become beautiful again and came back into my life.
- I picked up a 2nd part time job.
- She went back to bitch status.
- Went over 2,000 views on my other (MySpace) blog.
- Won a photography contest on My photograph will be used on a grnappletree t-shirt coming up.

- Have been considering going to art school due to the fact that art is one of the very few things I actually love and have wanted to do since I was a child.

- Found out my "little brother" and his girlfriend are expecting a child.
- Have since then started calling my little brother "Paulie Bleeker"

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