Monday, January 7, 2008

Two thousand and hate? lol

Well so far this year and it's 6 days have been cool. I rang in the New Year with one of my best friends, Bren, and a few other friends. I had a really good time goin to a bar and then to a party and just when I thought the night was over, it continued. My friend Luis and I then went to Barona and I actually won $30 on slots.
Since then I have just been chillin, working, and kind of just waiting for the new semester to start because it will be a hectic one. I am taking 18 units and I know I need to step it up to make it work out.
I have decided that I would like to be a nicer person, not that I'm a mean guy or anything, but I think you can always be a better person. I would like to be more positive and just be nicer to everyone around me. I tend to be a quiet person sometimes and I know that when I'm quiet I don't look like the most approachable guy. I've been doing good too, at work especially I have been trying to be more sociable with the customers and trying to make them feel appreciated. I know that in the past I would be quiet and keep to myself mostly because I did not want to be at work. I have always been a strong believer in thinking about what you say or how you act before you do it because a lot of the time your actions have an effect on those around you. I always like to put myself in the other persons shoes because to me it's the right thing to do. Too many people only act on what will benefit them or they just only care about themselves. I observe and people watch on a fairly regular basis and many times I have seen someone say the first thing that came to their head or did something that made others feel uncomfortable or offended. With there being so many people out there and especially living in San Diego, you are always around a good amount of people so therefore why not be more respectful of those around us. Nowadays we live in a society where it's all about "me" and trying to do whatever is in your power to get in front of everyone else or get to the "top", well I say why not bring others with you? Why not keep those around us in mind when we do something on a regular day. I am not saying you have to start giving money or doing big things that will dramatically affect the lives of others because most of us do not have the resources to make that possible. What I am saying is just be more courteous, friendly to those around us. Say hi or ask someone how they are doing. If you see someone who dropped something pick it up for them, give someone a smile, give a buck or two to charity, or just watch what you say so that you don't offend someone around you. The week before Christmas I went to the 99 cent store and bought $10 worth of canned food and then went to Vons and bought another $10 worth of canned food and donated it to a canned food drive. You might be saying to yourself, I don't have $20 to be giving away. I didn't either really. I'm broke as a joke, but sometimes you can sacrifice a measly $20 to be able to feed a family. I probably would have spent that on a cd or fast food so I just though why not give it to a better cause, plus I really didn't think that High School Musical cd would be that good anyway, jk lol.
You might thinking wow Los you are really making strides in becoming a saint, lol. I know I have been nicer but there are times when you end up backtracking. At work a couple of nights ago I got into a huge argument with this guy I work with because he's pretty much a dirt bag, lol. No, it's because I work with him a good amount and 60% of what he has to say is negative. I could be having a good day and then I would have to listen to him talk trash about another co-worker or how he doesn't make enough money and then I would get in a bad mood. I would never say anything, I would just let him say what he had to say and just try to zone out while he was talking. That can take you only so far. I made a joke to him about staring at some girl and he ended up getting offended. All I did was walk up to him and another guy and sarcastically said "You are so not obvious right now", the other guy that I work with didn't get offended but Eric got heated and went off on a tangent about he wasn't staring at her and if he was he wouldn't care if it was obvious because he has no shame, that he would stand there and stare at her and if she knew it, he wouldn't care. First off, a little creepy. I just walked away and was amazed at how worked up he got. He is one of those guys that likes to stand on his soap box and say whatever he has to say about anything or anyone but as soon as you try to reply or say anything he starts to ignore you or just start talking over you. He could probably be an evil dictator to a small country. One thing led to another and we ended up getting into an argument later on because he did something on purpose and then tried to talk down to me and I would not stand for it. I ended up bringing into the conversation how negative he was all the time and he got pissed about that and tried to act like he didn't know what I was talking about, but I had specific examples of times that he talked ish about other people and how I was getting tired of hearing it all the time. One of the managers heard us arguing and stopped it before it could go any further. Here's the thing, I know for a fact that I will have to work with him a few times this week and I really don't want to. The thing is he's already had problems with 2 other guys in the department so it's not new for him to be getting into trouble. I'm not one to back down and if they ask me if they should get rid of him I will probably say yes. The thing is, I will most likely only work there for a couple of more weeks because school starts on the 22nd and I am planning on not working this semester and just focusing on school. So even though I wouldn't mind seeing this angry 32 year old douche bag get canned, I would like to be the bigger person and just let it go and try to get along with him. I say this for two reasons; one, if he gets canned and I quit in 2 weeks my work will be short 2 guys and we are already a little short staffed so I would not want to put that burden on my boss and co-workers, and two, I wouldn't want him coming back and cappin' my ass lol sike, two, I want to keep my new outlook on life and be able to give him another shot and see if he get along with the rest of us.
So there it is, I have been trying to stay positive but sometimes there are people that try to hold a brotha down. The "test" started Saturday and we will see how it ends this week because I know my produce manager will talk to me. It probably wouldn't have been a big deal but the grocery manager that stopped the argument between Eric and I said that he would talk to our manager because he knows that Eric has had problems before and that it needs to be brought to attention. I will try my best to stay positive and try to come to a resolution that benefits all.
So later today after I drive to work listening to Tupac's "I ain't mad at 'cha" I will have a chance to try and make things work out. So remember people, keep your head up and if someone tries to bring you down just think about the situation and try to come out with a positive outcome.

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