Monday, July 30, 2012

Syrian Conflict.

So weeks ago I came up with an idea. I don't even know how they pop into my head, but they just do. After watching news reports and reading about the conflict in Syria I thought about what I could do to voice my displeasure about what I heard.

I decided to make a painting. My biggest displeasure about what is going on in Syria, is the brutal use of force the government is using against its own people. The use of helicopters and the severity of the bombings puzzles me. In May, in one attack, 49 children were killed. There are reports of children being killed execution style. The fact that this is happening is despicable. I read yesterday that 1,300 children have so far been killed. We are talking about KIDS that are being massacred. No matter what a conflict is about, the killing of innocent children is unjustifiable. I don't care who you are or what you are fighting for or against.

This is what I came up with. It is the Syrian flag. Usually, it would have two green stars on the white stripe. I switched the stars for two small hands that are there to represent the lives of the children that have been taken.

I hope things change. 

This is the painting I made a few years ago when everything started in the Middle East, specifically in Iran where protesters were being slaughtered by the government.

This post went on to become very popular (1,700+ views), specifically abroad. The image of the painting was also used to promote a lecture series on conflicts at the Royal College of Art in London.

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SariaSawaf said...

so i was just randomly scrolling down google images searching for "syrian flag paintings" when i found this.. i was so shocked haha, we actually thought of the exact same idea of painting the flag with the two stars replaced by hands and the dripping of the paint.. so yeah i thought id share because i found it really weird and i agree the brutal killing of the children and genuine innocent people should really stopp